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Each weir box comes complete with a fixed weir plate, fixed inlet baffle (adjustable baffles also available), inlet and discharge areas, and end connections (where required). Each weir box is sized in accordance with ISO 1438/1-1990. Options and Accessories.

V Notch Weir Discharge Calculator and Equations

Rectangular Contracted Weir. This calculator finds the water flow rate for a rectangular contracted weir. A rectangular contracted weir has a rectangular opening where the sides are straight up and down. A contracted weir means that the ditch leading up to the weir is wider than the weir opening itself.

Weir - Wikipedia offers 77 weir plate products. About 5% of these are dishes & plates. A wide variety of weir plate options are available to you, such as silicone, metal.

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Our weir plates are available under a variety of dimensions and configurations. Call Phoenix Precast Products for our fabricated metals at 800.639.2199.

Use a V Notch Weir to Measure Open Channel Flow Rate

The USGS Weir Plates are designed for volumetric measurements but can also be installed as a primary device for use with a stilling well. The most accurate method of measuring small discharges is by observing the time required to fill a container of known capacity, or the time required to partly fill a calibrated container to a known volume.

Discharge Characteristics of Triangular-notch Thin-plate Weirs

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Weirs & Baffles. Weir plates are used to control the flow of water into the launder or trough. Our weir plates are match metal die molded and fabricated with a flat crest, V-notch or square notch.

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A v notch weir is simply a 'v notch' in a plate that is placed so that it obstructs an open channel flow, causing the water to flow over the v notch. It is used to meter flow of water in the channel, by measuring the head of water over the v notch crest. The v notch weir is especially good for measuring a low flow rate, because the flow area ...

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Weir & Plate The Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmer provides efficient mechanical filtration for your pond. the Skimmer removes unwanted debris from the surface of the pond, significantly reducing maintenance and issues with water quality.

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Broad-crested weirs are about as accurate as sharp thin-plate . weirs and also have some advantages, such as: Broad-crested weirs can be computer calibrated. A broad-crested weir could be considered if rusting, impact, abrasion, etc., might cause maintenance problems with a flat-plate weir.

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A thin plate weir has its crest, the surface over which the water flows, beveled to a chisel edge. Thin plate weirs are always installed with the beveled face on the downstream side. The stream bank must be high enough to accommodate the increase in stage caused by the installation of the weir.

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The rectangular weir is the most commonly used thin plate weir. Weirs are typically installed in open channels such as streams to determine discharge (flowrate). The basic principle is that discharge is directly related to the water depth (h) in the figure above; h is known as the "head."

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It doesn't matter how thick the weir is except where water flows over the weir through the "V." The weir should be between 0.03 and 0.08 inches (0.8 to 2 mm) thick in the V. If the bulk of the weir is thicker than 0.08 inch, the downstream edge of the V can be chamfered at an angle greater than 45 o (60 o is recommended) to achieve the desired ...


Weir Plates and Scum Baffles with all appurtenances, accessories and incidentals necessary to produce a complete, operable and serviceable installation as shown on the Contract Drawings and as specified herein, and in accordance with the


WEIR PLATES, BAFFLES & TROUGHSWEIR PLATES, BAFFLES & TROUGHS Overview Protectolite ™ Inc., manufactures weir plates and

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The Weir Wellhead Independent levelling plates can be installed under a wells rod rotator or under the polished rod clamp, if rod rotators are not used. Available in the most common polished rod sizes, these levelling plates ensure uniform engagement between the polished rod clamp and carrier bar.

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BDK™ cast steel dual plate check valve are isolation valves, suitable for applications in the power, oil and gas and petrochemical industries. Overview BDK™ cast steel check valve, with swing check and dual plate options, are non-return valves, suitable for applications in …

Broad- and Sharp-Crested Weirs

a face plate attached to the outlet that defined a combination V-notch / Cipolletti weir (Fig. 2). Each V-notch was 15cm deep, with the apex located 3cm above the channel bottom.

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Tomorrow's Drainage System Today ... height of the weir and/or the size of the orifice hole in the weir plate. Weir Structure Benefits: • Simple and effective method to direct the inlet flow into a stormwater management system or water quality device.


literature and presents a comprehensive analysis of the discharge characteristics of triangular-notch weirs. Previously published data are analyzed in the light of the ... characteristics of triangular-notch, thin-plated weirs. Previously ... The weir plate is smooth, plane, and perpendicular to the sides as ...

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The weir plate should be made of smooth metal free of rust and nicks When the plate thickness exceeds 1/8 th inch, the downstream edge of the crest should be beveled to allow the nappe to detach from the weir

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a weir in which the nappe, or overfalling sheet, touches only the smooth, sharp upstream corner or edge of the crest, the thickness of which is probably immaterial so long as this condition is fulfilled.

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When it commons to weir plate materials, there is virtually no better choice than fiberglass. Fiberglass is an extremely durable material, and is resistant to the forms of …


The V-notch weirs are are available in various angles and we typically fabricate them out of 1/4″ or larger aluminum plate. We can even provide them as fabricated fiberglass weirs . The head 0r water level above the crest (or bottom of the V) of this 90 Degree V-notch weir is accurately measured by a Nivelco EasyTREK ultrasonic level transmitter.

Thin Plate Weir Stage Discharge Relationships

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Adjustable Weir Plate Advantages. Mercer offers a well-designed, adjustable effluent weir plate with many advantages over traditional designs. The weir plate is …

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Used as a flow restriction device to regulate volume in stormwater management applications, orifice plates and weir plates are often featured on outlet control structures.

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Erik Sutherland Trevor Taylor CIVE 401 – Hydraulic Engineering Dr. Pierre Julian Team Project November 18th, 2014 ... until it is deep enough to flow over the top of the weir. The height of the water flowing over the ... rust resistant metal plate, with a notch in the top of it, perpendicular to the flow of water (concrete and timber can also ...

Rectangular Weir Discharge Calculator and Equations

Debris basket is sold separately but Weir Plate Assembly DOES include the Weir 29009 - 6 Weir Plate Assembly (Weir door included)29056 - 8 Weir Plate Assembly (Weir door included) 29214 - Signature Series...