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Evonik Industries is a leading global supplier of epoxy curing agents, specialty resins, specialty additive technologies, diluents and modifiers providing concrete and metal protection in industrial coatings applications.

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specialty admixtures: which include corrosion inhibitors, shrinkage control, alkali-silica reactivity inhibitors, and coloring. Mineral admixtures make mixtures more economical, reduce permeability, increase strength, and influence other concrete properties.

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Specialty Mortars and Additives. other sublines. Cementitious and Resin Flooring Systems. Floor Covering Installation Systems. Products for Sports Flooring. Concrete Restoration Systems. Tile & Stone Installation Systems. Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems ... Cement Additives. News.

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Specialty Mortars and Additives. other sublines. Concrete Restoration Systems. Floor Covering Installation Systems. Products for Sports Flooring. Tile & Stone Installation Systems. Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems Products for Wood Flooring. Admixtures for concrete…

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Concrete additives to improve concrete durability and produce high performance concrete. Our offering includes: plasticizers, air entertainers, accelerators, retarders, water reducers, corrosion inhibitors, hydration stabilizers, micro-silica, shrinkage control, rheology modifiers, waterproofing, and much more!

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Specialty Construction Chemicals for a Variety of Applications. The Brenntag Construction Team supplies materials or material systems, used to construct or finish the surfaces of buildings, walkways, driveways, fences, and landscape elements.

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Specialty Items Sparkle Grain. The Sparkle Grain Finish system is an eye-catching, black (or white) sparkle which is an iridescent black sil-car abbrasive (or white oxide) grit concrete additive that provides a mirror like sparkle that is dramatic both day and night.

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Concrete & Asphalt Additives Huntsman offers a wide range of specialty additives and intermediates for use in formulating concrete and mortar admixtures, and manufacturing gypsum plasterboard, cement and asphalt emulsions.

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Specialty Paints, Coatings, and Additives; Epoxy, Urethane, and Specialty Coatings. Help us Improve Search. Email ... Grainger carries a comprehensive selection of epoxy urethane and specialty coatings for all your application needs. Visit Grainger for a wide range of epoxy urethane primers, activators and accelerators. ... Concrete Coating (1 ...

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Additives & Modifiers for Concrete Available Form % Non-Volatile Emulsifier Charge block resistance chemical resistance curing control release scratch resistance

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Concrete, usually Portland cement concrete, is a ... Specialty types. Pervious. Pervious concrete is a mix of specially graded coarse aggregate, cement, water and little-to-no fine aggregates. This concrete is also known as "no-fines" or porous concrete.

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Huntsman's specialty additives help improve material features adding special effects, enhancing performance and optimizing production to create competitive advantage and consumer benefits in all kinds of everyday products.

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Specialty Additives Tallicin ® 3000 - is designed to extend the pot life of an aliphatic two-component polyurethane system where the isocyanate is the trimer type. Tallicin ® 3000 is added to the polyol component and retards the reaction between the hydroxyl groups and the isocyanate groups.

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nor the concrete's early strength are adversely affected. Our new liquid deer additives portfolio offers an extensive range of surfactant chemistries and combines the expertise and the chemical know-how of two well established partners* in the concrete industry.

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Admixtures are added to concrete batch immediately before or during mixing concrete. Concrete admixtures can improve concrete quality, manageability, acceleration or retardation of setting time among other properties that could be altered to get specific results.


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Additives Concrete Products Crack Fillers Traffic Paint Primers & Specialty Products. Resource Center. Videos News Blog/Articles Material Calculators ... STAR MACRO-FAST® is a specialty polymer, latex-based additive, that speeds up the drying of sealcoatings without changing the mix design. General Description.

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SPG, Specialty Products Group®, is an organization formed specifically for the purpose of supplying engineered sustainable solutions to the construction environment and the world at large.

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Cementing Additives for Oil and Gas. In cementing, created during mixing can cause pump cavitation and decrease cement density, adversely impacting the strength of the cement.

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Fibers, SCM, corrosion inhibitors, concrete pigments, ing agents and other concrete additives

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Floor Patch Pro. NEW! TEC® Floor Patch Pro is a fast setting, easy-to-mix, calcium-aluminate cement- based patch and skim coating compound for use under ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, resilient flooring, VCT and carpet, from a featheredge to 2" (5 cm) in thickness.

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Corrosion-inhibiting admixtures fall into the specialty admixture category and are used to slow corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete. Corrosion inhibitors can be used as a defensive strategy for concrete structures, such as marine facilities, highway bridges, and parking garages, that will be exposed to high concentrations of chloride.

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Owensboro Specialty Polymers Everflex SP1084 is a high molecular weight vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion stabilized with polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). Everflex SP1084 has excellent strength and durability as well as high early and final tensil

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: GRO-LAC® Concentrated Concrete Additive is a premixed vinyl acetate emulsion with mildewicide and algaecide added. It is formulated at 55% solids by weight. ... GROCO SPECIALTY COATINGS 10818 Hawn Freeway / Dallas, Texas 75217 972-286-7890 FAX 972-286-8890

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Silpro C 21 Admix: An acrylic, liquid additive (21% solids) for cement based mixes designed to increase adhesive bond as well as tensile and flexural strength. Silpro Concrete Supplement : An integral admixture that reacts with Portland cement in concrete, mortar, stucco and grout to …


Euclid Chemical provides a range of specialty concrete admixtures and additives to help produce, place and finish various types of concrete mixtures.

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Specialty Polymers, Inc., has 45 years of experience with producing water based acrylic chemistries used in construction and building products. We offer innovative acrylic technology to enhance the performance of concrete as cement admixtures, sealers, and topcoats.